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Amelia Lynn McNally

Amelia Lynn McNally
November 30th, 2013 08:40am
7lbs 11.7 oz 20 inches

The Friday before I went into labor (39 weeks), I was having some mild contractions. My husband decided to stay home from work with me and we headed off to Disneyland for some walking, hoping to see if things progressed. While there I did have some more intense contractions but they were sporatic. We went home and I lied down and they went away completely. Whoopee :/ The next Monday was the same story, kinda of. I woke up around 4am with contractions that were pretty intense (or so I thought, HA!). I thought, "This has got to be it!" I sent my husband to work anyways, figuring he could always come home.Well, by 7 am the contractions had stopped. I lied on the couch and just sobbed to myself. It was so frustrating to get my hopes up and have them dashed completely. 
Walking around Disneyland

I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and he stripped my membranes (HOLY HECK THAT HURT!!). He said that if it was going to work, that it would work within 24 hours. Well, 24 hours came and went with nothing, only a few braxton hicks. We went about our daily lives, including Thanksgiving. Our first Thanksgiving on our own. We couldn't travel to family and decided not to have a bunch of family around waiting for me to go into labor. We went to Mimi's for dinner that day and it was fabulous! After dinner we went on a walk on the beach in Seal Beach. 

Thanksgiving in Seal Beach

Friday morning (Black Friday), Kevin and I spent the morning shopping online for Christmas presents. I was so ready to meet my little girl that I decided to do a few things to make the sporatic contractions I was having be the real deal! (I'll spare you the details of what I did ;) ) Well, my sporatic contractions turned into more regular ones and got me excited! So I jumped in the shower, because I was determined to shave my legs and be fresh for my delivery :) While I was in the shower my contractions started to get harder where I actually had to stop what I was doing a take a deep breath and grab onto something. It was time! Got out of the shower and told Kevin about my contractions. They were about 3-5 minutes apart and were pretty intense. I bounced on my exercise ball for awhile, since that was the only thing that helped the pain. My husband ran around finishing up some chores and putting our things in the car. Around 4:30 pm I called my mom to tell her that she should leave and by 5 pm we were on our way to the hospital!!

Getting into the car, I'm pretty sure my water broke but I wasnt sure. The drive to the hospital was tough but exciting! We were checked into triage and the nurse checked to see how far I was progressed and my water broke, most definitley! After that the pain was insane! They admitted us and off we walked to Labor and Delivery! 
I got my epidural around 8 pm that night and all I can say is HALLELUJAH!!! I told the anestegiologist that I loved her!! My mom showed up not too long after and my sisters, dad, sister-in law and brother- in law came a little later. I was progressing nicely; about 1 cm per hour and tried to sleep but by 2 am I was at 10 cm. The nurse wanted me to hang out and let the baby descend more (which is great because thats what I wanted). The nurse came and checked me every 30 to an hour but Amelia wasnt descending as much as she'd like. Sometime in the early morning the nurse said I could try and push. We did a few practice pushes and then got the show on the road! Frustratingly, Amelia would descend down but then slide right back up. The nurse soon discovered that Amelia was OP (face up) and called my OB to come check on me. My OB was on call (YAY!) and came shortly and tried to turn Amelia with his hands (totally weird!), but she was a stubborn girl and wouldn't turn. Shift changed and I got a new nurse who wanted to try and push while lying on my left side to see if this helped turn Amelia. This was tough to do and wasnt working well and soon I was back on my back pushing. At some point I pulled a muscle in my left shoulder blade and that was the worse pain that I had during delivery, ugh! It was hard to curl my head into my chest. 
Finally Amelia's head was RIGHT THERE! I got to feel her head that was FULL of hair!! The OB came in and a couple more pushes and a skillful flick of the wrist, Amelia was born facing the proper way at 8:40 am.
They placed her on my chest and I finally got to meet my little girl, her full head of black, curly hair and all!!
She was beautiful! 
I loved every moment of it, looking back at it now, and love that our love made this precious, perfect little girl!!!

I love you Ms. Amelia!!

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